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Philadelphia Aerials & Drone Videography

We push the bar.

We want to present our viewers with cinematic shots of the world that normally wouldn't be accessible without hiring a helicopter. We also love embracing technological and creative advances in the field of videography to make us stand out as artists who aren’t afraid to push the bar. We'll do whatever it takes in order to get footage unlike any other company in the region. Philadelphia drone photography can make the difference between your promotional material and your competitors’. Plus, it can give you the most kick-ass wedding footage in the industry right now.

Our Process

Drone videography is a passion of our owner Joe G. It's something he's excited to bring a new level of creativity to. His background in film, video, and photography informs his operation of the drone in a way that regular recreational pilots can't provide. Our goal is to make sweeping aerial videography accessible to all of our clients as a tool to establish the viewer in a location and give a cool new perspective. We also want to use our drone work to create emotionally impactful motion camera work in the same way we utilize other equipment while on the ground.

We can scout your location, and we'll work with you to learn your exact needs for the shoot. We're a team that wants to be prepared so we get the job done right the first time. We'll find all the best angles, and end up with a shot you may not have even imagined! We can implement drone photography for all of the genres we cover, including: wedding, engagement, proposal, family, maternity, corporate, event, architecture, schools & universities, convention, real estate and planning, location scouting, construction, commercials, tourism, cityscapes, stock imagery, etc. Talk to us today about how we can incorporate drone videography into your next project. Our team is also fully insured.

The Drones

We work with a Mavic 2 Pro and the DJI Inspire 2. The Mavic is a great portable, maneuverable, high-quality drone that allows us to get 4k footage at a wide variety of frame rates and resolutions. We've even filmed indoors using this drone for a commercial. The Inspire is able to perform more solidly with 4k work with better image quality and interchangeable lenses that allow us to get more intentional, specific shots.

What you can expect from us: Professionalism, preparedness, and high-quality imagery.