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Narrative Films and Filmmaking

We can help you reach your target audience.

While most of the work that we do is editorial, working on narrative pieces of all types allows us to develop as storytellers. We always look forward to the opportunity to work on a narrative piece, as it allows us to stretch our creativity and ingenuity. We also believe that commercial work and other projects, while based more in a general editorial style, can benefit from narrative filmmaking even though that's not the main focus.

Our Process

We take an active role in pre-production, production, and post-production with our clients. We are collaborative, energetic, and efficient. Our team is a skilled group of talented individuals with diverse film backgrounds. We have experience with many different types of digital cinema technologies and production techniques, and we are skilled with lighting and cinematography, editing, and being visual communicators. You're hiring multi-faceted individuals who know how to bring their skills to the table.