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Covering: Aerials & Drone, Commercial & Advertising , Conference & Convention , Event Coverage (Editorial & Lifestyle ), Live-Stream Video Services , Motion Graphics & Visual Effects, Narrative Films, NonProfit Videography, Political , Social Media , and Wedding Videography .

Genuine. Adventurous. Creative.

We’re a Philadelphia videography team of relationship-building artists who not only know how to capture some of the highest quality imagery in the region and beyond, but also have a contagiously awesome time doing it.

We love people. We love making art. We love our jobs.

JPG Photo & Video comprises our group of award-winning creatives who focus on documenting moments without intruding on the event. Joe G. spent a decade in the newspaper industry as a reporter and photojournalist, and he's taken his love of the genuine honesty of photojournalism and brought it to weddings and events with a talented team of like-minded visual artists. I’m proud to say that our photographers and videographers have a knack of capturing real life in way that families and colleagues treasure for generations. And we do it in an unobtrusive way full of fun and laughter.

We refuse to be boring.

We’ve spent the past decade capturing moments that matter. We push creative boundaries and provide strong visuals that tell stories that resonate, stories that last. We use our skills, humor and sense of adventure to capture emotion and document unforgettable moments.

We believe there’s nothing like a good challenge.

We now have more than 800 weddings and films on our resume, and none of them are the same in style, personality, or vision. We are entering our 15th year of business, and we continue to try to do something different every shoot, whether that is seeing one of our favorite venues from a different angle or using drone footage to create dramatic visuals. Our video team especially pushes creative and technical barriers, always looking for a rad new technique, trying out the latest state-of-the-art equipment, or trying to learn to do something they've never done before.

We are the Philadelphia videography team with the experience, awards, drive, and professional equipment necessary for success.


  • We have the privilege of documenting such incredible organizations as Comcast, Drexel University, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, SAP, Teach for America, NASPA, The Bee Foundation, and the Human Rights Campaign on a regular basis.
  • We have covered and continue to cover and produce numerous films for the Philadelphia Marathon and Broad Street Run.
  • We've been partners with Philadelphia's Museum of the American Revolution since its opening, continuing to produce films for their organization.
  • Over the last several years, we've worked on and filmed numerous political ads for candidates from all across the United States.
  • We created and produced our own series, Jawn in 60 Seconds, which talks about all things Philly!


What makes our team at JPG Photo & Video different from other videography companies?

We want to be the one-stop-shop for busy brides, grooms, parents, and corporate clients, yet we refuse to compromise the quality of our art. That’s why we continue to better ourselves by attending professional development workshops, pushing our imaginative limits, and networking with other artists. And it works! JPG has won awards in each of these areas of expertise, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In addition, we’re a photography and videography team. We began as husband-and-wife sidekicks and evolved into an eclectic group of like-minded visual artists who challenge each other to break the mold. Personality is at the forefront of our business, so you won’t ever be paired with an anonymous photographer from an assembly line of cookie-cutter workers. Instead, we work to match talent with vision, personality with desire. Our photographers share our aesthetic vision, but each of us also sees the world in his/her own unique way. Whether you’re a foodie who likes to travel the world or a lifelong Philadelphian who brews your own beer, we’ve got someone on our team who will not only produce great pictures, but will ensure you enjoy the process too.

Finally, more than anything, our experience—in Philadelphia and beyond—makes us stand out. As a studio, we’ve spent 15+ years finding real moments, redefining the status quo and leading the industry in creativity and customer service. Taken together, our team has more than a century of combined experience in the photography and videography fields. Because we’ve done this a few thousand times, we know what to expect, and we help make sure that our clients don’t face any unnecessary hiccups. We want your day to go as smoothly as possible so that you can be your authentic selves. Your job is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Our job is to make you look good in the process.

What makes us photojournalists?

Joe G. spent a decade in the newspaper industry as a reporter and photojournalist, and he's taken his love of genuine moments and brought it to weddings, events and films. The photojournalist’s objective is to capture life as it unfolds without interrupting it. As a result, we can’t imagine asking our wedding couples to re-enact their first kiss or a C.E.O. to re-cut the ribbon. We believe in getting it right the first time around, and to do so, we rely on spontaneity – being ever-ready with camera in hand, always in tune with the energy of the day. Our team has a knack of capturing real life in way that families and businesses treasure. And we do it in an unobtrusive way full of fun and laughter.

How do you know if you're a good fit for JPG?

Our clients want strong visuals, and they want an experience. They laugh at life while pushing for great art. They’re independent and have a sense of adventure, too. They see a world inundated with manipulated images and “selfies,” and they crave something more. We value what you value: creativity, customer service and professionalism. We don’t want to capture everyone else’s idea of perfection; we want to capture YOU.

We can't wait to work with YOU!